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Tensile Testing Machine Strength of Material lab
TENSILE TESTERS are electrically operated machines for testing tensile strength and elongation of materials like plywood, wires, cables, conductors,ferrous and nonferrous materials
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Universal Spring Testing Machine Strength of Material lab
The Machine is designed to conduct tension test and compression test on spring specimen and calculate the `K` factor.
The compression plates are hardened ground and polished with guides provide on the bottom platen to eliminate slippage of spring during testing.
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Impact Testing Machine Strength of Material lab
Impact Testing Machine (Izod)

This Pendulum impact Tester is designed for conducting CHARPY, IZOD AND IMPACT Test. The test Method confirm to IS: 1973, and IS 1499-1977, and BS: 131 Part 2 & 3-1972 IS:1598-1977, BS: 131 PartI- 1972
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Apparatus For Verification of Clerk`s Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem Strength of Material lab
Verification of reciprocal theorem of deflection using a simply supported beam
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Torsion Testing Machine Strength of Material lab
ASI Torsion Testing Machine is designed for conduction torsion and twist tests on various metal wire, tubes sheet materials.Torque measurement is by pendulum dynamo meter system. Torque ranges can be adjusted. Torque can be applied to specimen by geared motor through gear box.
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Fatigue Testing Machine Strength of Material lab
Maximum bending moment - 200 [kg/cm]
Bending movement adjustable - 0-200 [kg/cm]
Rotating Speed - 4200 [rpm]
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Brinell Hardness Tester Strength of Material lab
The machine is designed with a hydraulic power pack and control circuit for effortless loading unloading operation. A dial gauge in from measures depth of ball penetration. This facilitates production testing within tolerance limits by comparison method
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