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Pycnometer Concrete Lab
Useful to determine specific gravity of clays, sand and gravel of size smaller than 10mm.
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Tile Flexure Testing Machine Concrete Lab
As Per IS: 654, 1257 & 1706
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Vibrating Table Concrete Lab
The vibrating Table is used for compacting concrete cubes and cylinders
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Blaine`s Air Permeability Apparatus Concrete Lab
As Per IS: 4031, 5516, 1727 & 4828, ASTM C-204, BS: 4359 Part II.
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Longitudinal Compressometer Concrete Lab
It is designed for finding out the deformation and strains on 15cms.Diameter and 30cms high cement concrete cylinders when subjected to compressive loads.
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Gyratory Sieve Shaker Concrete Lab
Accessories: Adapter for 30cm diameter sieves. Time switch 0-60mins in 5mins graduation.
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Concrete Test Hammer (Small) Concrete Lab
The concrete test hammer is an instrument which is easy to use, for quick and approximate measurement of the resistance to pressure of manufactured concrete products. The principles on which it works are based on the rebound impact of a hammer on a piston which rest against the surface of the concrete products. The Greater the resistance on the concrete, greater is the rebounded impact. By reading this rebound impact on a scale and relating it to curves on graphs supplied with the instrument, the resistance to compression in MPa or PSI can be found, with +/-20 % of actual.
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